Online Business Manager for heart-based spiritual wellness coaches, business owners and entrepreneurs.

“Concierge: One that solves many problems and performs difficult tasks allowing you to focus on what you need to focus on.”


imagesIs all that technical stuff leaving you stressed, overwhelmed, and behind schedule on all your client work?


imagesAre you drowning in the day-to-day details of your business?


imagesAre you spending all your time on administrative, bookkeeping, website, or social media tasks?


imagesDo you want to hire support but don’t have the time for interviewing, training, hiring and managing the new team members?


imagesAre you operating in react mode constantly?



Are you losing sleep because all your tasks are not getting done day after day?


imagesIs social media a time suck and stressing you out?


Then you need a sounding board and Online Business Manager.


Benefits of Partnering with an Online Business Manager:

  • Get peace back in your day
  • Create a buffer between you and your team
  • Receive a built-in sounding board
  • Create time in your day to focus on other things
  • Cross tasks off your to-do list

If you’ve had it with doing it all yourself, are frustrated and overwhelmed with trying to grow your business but just can’t get out of being the one everyone comes to for answers, getting things done, and knowing what’s next, maybe it’s time you hired an Online Business Manager.