Obviously it does not matter what boundaries we set and precautions we take, other people are not always going to follow our lead. It’s up to us to set, and keep, those boundaries, no matter how difficult it might be at the time. I would say it’s vital to our health to do this. So how do we set the right boundaries?

How To Deal With Challenges and Not Get Overwhelmed

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change.” ~Wayne Dyer Everything we face in life is a perception.  How we perceive things is based on our environment and the way we were raised to handle challenges. The better equipped we are to handle challenges that come our way, the less prone to stress we will be. Accept your life the way it is now.  Learn to accept your […]

How To Set Up a Bad Weather Plan For Your Office

This winter has been strange so far, and has caused a lot of business closings and delays.  Does your office have a bad weather plan in the event of inclement weather?  Do you even need one?  If you work from home, you do need to be able to handle vendor or customer issues, day care/child care issues, and anything else that involves you, your family, or your small business. Form a plan.  According to a […]

How To Make a Work Schedule When You Work From Home

I work virtually, which means I do not go into an office every day, other than my work from home office, which presents its own set of issues.  Many people think that working from home means we have it easy.  Let me tell ya, that is not the case!  There are many days that I don’t get downstairs until 6 or 7pm, or sometimes later depending on the day and the workload I have.  Yes, […]