How To Make a Work Schedule When You Work From Home

I work virtually, which means I do not go into an office every day, other than my work from home office, which presents its own set of issues.  Many people think that working from home means we have it easy.  Let me tell ya, that is not the case!  There are many days that I don’t get downstairs until 6 or 7pm, or sometimes later depending on the day and the workload I have.  Yes, […]

Houdini’s Guide to Google+ Profile or Business Page

Harry Houdini was an illusionist.  He may be able to teach us a thing or two about being seen on your Google+ personal profile, or on Google+ as your business page.  I don’t know how many of you are on Google+ yet, but I have been very heavily involved on it in the past few weeks both for myself and my clients.  I think Google+ will be the place to go to “see and be […]

9 Tasks You Should Outsource in Your Health and Wellness Coaching Business

How do you decide when to outsource a particular task?  Ask yourself these four questions: Am I procrastinating on this task? If your answer is yes, it probably means you do not have the resources or knowledge to complete the task. Do I dread starting or doing this task?  If you dread doing something, you more than likely will not bring your “A” game to the task.  Am I awesome at this task?  If no, […]

Outsource Your Health and Wellness Social Media Like a Pro with These 5 Markets

It can be overwhelming to begin networking with Social Media, especially if you try to start with all the Social Media markets out there.  Below are the top five I believe you should start with.  I’m not saying start with all five at once, but pick one and go from there.  Better yet, outsource your Social Media Marketing to a Health and Wellness Virtual Assistant who can not only set up the profiles and pages, […]

Overwhelmed by Doing Everything Yourself in Your Coaching Business? Hire a Virtual Assistant

As a health coach, you have a lot of responsibility to help your clients be the best that they can be, physically, mentally, emotionally.  Your clients get your full attention.  Who takes care of you and your business while you take care of others? Do any of these sound familiar: You want to move your business forward faster, and easier Administrative tasks keep you from focusing on your core business You need extra hands to […]