Natalie listens and helped me grow my business

Deanna Maio,
"I accomplished more with Natalie’s help and guidance during our strategy and brainstorming sessions than I ever could have on my own.  Natalie listened to me, asked powerful questions to help me clarify my goals, she saw my dreams, my areas of weakness and most importantly where I was leaving money on the table.  My business grew and I had more joy and calm in my business as a result of our work together. I always felt so on track and focused after our calls. I highly recommend her to anyone serious about achieving their dreams. Thanks Natalie!"

Knowledgeable, Technical Wiz

Katherine Bright,,
I have worked with Natalie Olson for twelve months.  She has always been very knowledgeable and has assisted my vision for forward movement in a friendly and helpful way.

Natalie has awesome knowledge of interconnected pathways on the technical level and is really a useful encyclopaedia of the internet 🙂
I recommend Natalie's services as she listens to you and works with you to create your platform. She has gone out of her way to source material and assist me in many ways to get my products out there.
Love and light to you Natalie on continued great work!

"The icing on the cake is all the 'little things' Natalie helps me with..."

Sonja Bush

"I needed to brand myself and my business and wanted a website that would match my business goals and personality. The website Natalie created is awesome and the fact that she maintains it makes the website worry free for me so I can focus on growing my business.

My social media presence has expanded and the content speaks to my target audience. The icing on the cake is all of the “little things" Natalie helps me with – whether proofreading my newsletter, giving me ideas for my next blog or helping with an article for a local publication.

One of the things I most value in working with Natalie is that she is reachable...I really worried at first with the time difference but never should have given it a thought. Whether by phone or email, I am confident I can reach Natalie when necessary.

I highly recommend Natalie to other real estate agents but not anyone local since I don’t want the competition!  Seriously, I would recommend her to anyone especially someone looking to brand their business. Together we have created a brand across all platforms that is consistent and impactful."

Sonja Bush
Sonja Bush

"Responsive, Professional and Accurate"

Melinda Brody, Melinda Brody and Company

"Working with Natalie, I no longer have to struggle to find time to maintain my databases and create two quality e-zines. I can now concentrate on sales and marketing by delegating these to my VA. Natalie is responsive, professional and open to suggestions. She provides a quick turnaround and is very accurate. I highly recommend Natalie's services to others."

"I highly recommend Natalie to all my business partners!"

Greg Dieker, LifeVantage Distributor"I highly recommend Natalie to all my business partners and friends who don't know who to go to for that "helping hand" when you need it. Natalie has been my savior many times in getting LifeVantage and personal tasks accomplished when I was out of time. She has done amazing work for us and she'll do the same for you."

Greg Dieker

"When You Hire Natalie, You Get Your Money's Worth!"

David Wander, Eastgate Virtual Solutions LLC


“Natalie’s articles are always well written and she does a lot of research for each article she writes for me, as such she does not need a lot of guidance to do the work.  Natalie is very easy to get along with and is a great writer. When you hire Natalie, you get your money’s worth.” 

"I Highly Recommend Natalie"

Kathy Goughener, ExpertVATraining

“Where do small business owners and solo entrepreneurs in construction, real estate, and life and business coaching turn for virtual assistant support? Natalie Olson! As a small business owner and coach, I highly recommend Natalie to manage your projects, maintain and enhance your WordPress websites and provide all other administrative services you need. She is a professional and experienced VA who can help you achieve your goals.”

Kathy Goughenour

"A Plethora of Knowledge, Talent, and Resources"

Cyndi & Howard Mumm

“Natalie is a plethora of knowledge, talent and resources.  We have been working with Natalie for the past two years on the creation of flyers for charity events; presentation assistance, project managing large events; producing bids, negotiating and securing hotel, conference and restaurant facilities, to name a few.  In addition, she has an excellent intuitive grasp of her clients’ needs as is eloquently portrayed in her writing skills.  Natalie is in the right business as she is the epitome of concierge service no matter the request.” 

"Well-Organized Virtual Team Player"

Lisa Cypers Kamen


“Natalie is a well-organized virtual team player! She has helped me keep my busy schedule as well as coordinate my team of virtuals' in different time zones. Not an easy task and yet she does it with grace and ease.”

"All I had to do was show up and enjoy a great time"

Greg Dieker, LifeVantage Distributor

“Natalie did an amazing job of pulling together a large group dinner in Las Vegas for my team of 250 people. She put all the bids out, summarized the responses, negotiated the rates, handled the coordination with the hotel, set up the PayPal site so no money had to change hands, set the dinner menu and the bar, provided for the transportation from different hotels…..and it all went flawlessly. All I had to do was show up and enjoy a great time with my business partners. Great job Natalie! I highly recommend her.”

Innovative Solutions

Lorraine CastleLorraine Castle, Castle Virtual Solutions


“Natalie is a creative go-to virtual assistant who can find a innovative solution to what appeared to be an impossible situation.”

"This was the best decision I have ever made"

Pat Koepsell, Mammoth Village Properties

“My technological skills are very limited, and knowing I can eliminate this obstacle by contracting with Natalie has freed me to spend my time enhancing my knowledge of the real estate business.  Hiring Natalie as my Virtual Assistant has opened my life to greater possibilities both professionally and personally.  This was the best decision I have ever made concerning my business.  Natalie is able to see tasks, issues, or concerns from my point of view, and is then able to present ideas and suggestions in ways I will understand.  Sometimes I think she is peeking inside my head!  While I would love to keep her all to myself, I highly recommend Natalie and Your Virtual Concierge for any entrepreneurial, small business, or real estate needs.”