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Why You Need A Virtual Assistant

Some business owners would say that they don’t have the money to hire administrative help, but that’s likely not true. Even if you spent $25 an hour, you’re still making money by freeing yourself up to work on growing your company. You can find quality help for between $25-$50 per hour but even at that rate, you’re spending $25 to make $50 or more for your company.

This is where virtual assistants (VAs) can help. You can use them for as little or as many hours per week as you like, and anything that doesn’t require them to be in your office physically is well within their job description. Website design and maintenance, data entry, social media management, and more can be taken off your to-do list.

How much of your day do you get to spend on growing your core business?

How much is wasted on essential, but time-eating tasks that aren’t your strength or your passion?

How much could you improve your bottom line with more time to focus on your real work?

But how can you afford an assistant? Easy! Outsource to one that you only pay for time worked.

A Virtual Assistant can handle a large variety of tasks. Contracting allows you to take back the time you spend on those tasks while staying within your budget.

How do you know if you might need some help?

  • Last year’s receipts are in box under your desk and QuickBooks is empty
  • You haven’t sent out a networking newsletter in six months
  • You’re afraid to look at your email
  • You don’t remember your wife’s/husband’s/child’s/animal’s name
  • Your customers are growing cobwebs

Virtual Assistants are professional administrators.

Here’s WHY you need to hire a Virtual Assistant:

  • You’ve blown a business opportunity because you missed a deadline to follow up.
  • You’re not on top of business development because you have no up-to-date client and prospect database.
  • You have exciting work projects you would like to take on but always seem to be too tied up with the day-to-day running of your business to get to them.
  • You work nights and weekends to keep up with routine administrative tasks.
  • You have routine work items that you don’t like doing which take time away from other more creative and important tasks.

If you’re nodding your head, read on to learn the best practices for bringing a VA on board to your small business.

Everybody has days where nothing seems to go right, but if you just can’t seem to get organized, you may need a little help. Running a successful business is hard work, and you don’t have to do it alone.

Not ready to admit that you might need a virtual assistant (VA) just yet? Here are some warning signs:

  • You aren’t responding to emails in a timely manner. The 2010 Customer Experience Report for North America found that 55% of customers will stop doing business with a company if the company fails to resolve issues in a timely manner. 85% of customers are willing to pay more for exceptional customer service.
  • Your schedule is a mess. Forgetting about scheduled meetings and losing contact information makes you look unreliable and can damage important relationships. Using a VA to organize your schedule will keep you running on time—and take a load off your mind.
  • Your day is spent doing logistics. If you find yourself constantly sending emails and making phone calls to organize meetings and other events, you can reduce your time spent by putting a VA to work. You’ll still have to provide your personal touch to the process, but the tedium will be off your plate.
  • Research prevents you from doing creative work. For many professional, their “secret sauce” is their creativity. Unfortunately, researching facts, figures and statistics can consume the bulk of their time. Fortunately, this is something a good VA can easily handle. Just set them up with all the information they need, and get back to what you do best.

An efficient virtual assistant can help you stay organized without ever setting foot in your office. Virtual assistants contact customers, check email, order supplies, and schedule meetings. Some VAs are also skilled in accounting, web design, and writing web content, along with writing and posting your social media. After you tell your assistant what you need, you’ll be free to focus on more important things. Like your customers and growing your business.

Benefits Of Having A Virtual Assistant

There are many benefits to having a virtual assistant. If you are looking to grow your business and work capacity, you should investigate the options that a VA brings.
It doesn’t require a large monetary or time investment. And it might just bring you more of both.

  • More Time – We only have so much time… you can have more time to work on what you need to do.
  • Concentrate on Creating – Takes administrative work off your list, so that you can focus on creating value.
  • Meet Deadlines – Ensure that you meet deadlines and be more timely in your correspondence.
  • Stay in Budget – Allows expanded capacity without hiring a direct employee.

Now is the time to schedule a free consultation to see how I can help your business.

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